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A few things I want to remember

And that is after all what this blog was all about. Remembering the little things, recording the passage of time as my girls grow up. Sometimes there are things I just want to remember without having any way of stringing them all together other than they happened recently. no 1. Going to an Easter Egg hunt [...]

The early weeks of motherhood

Gratuitous pic of baby Tilly A very good friend of mine had a baby last week. A gorgeous baby girl, perfect and beautiful. Her mum is rather lovely too so it’s only fitting. Since I am almost constantly sitting on the fence between incurably broody and don’t be so bloody ridiculous I don’t want any [...]

Making it up as I go along…

It started a week or so ago when I simply couldn’t bear to read another Charlie & Lola or Fireman Sam story and she’d gone off all the ones I like (well she’d gone off Farmer Duck which is my favourite). So as any guilt induced Mummy would do I made up a story for [...]