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Silent Sunday: Daddy’s Girls


It was a beautiful morning and both girls wanted a carry after the Church Fair. Why not? Surely that’s what being a Dad is all about.

Why Halloween was Invented

To whom it may concern I have two issues I’d like to raise. 1. Daylight Saving Time At some point in history someone decided it’d be a jolly good idea to instigate Daylight Saving Time. I don’t profess to be an expert in this, but I can see some benefits to having a day more [...]

The Return

A souk stall

I’ve been lucky enough to have a few days away in Marrakech for a ‘meet in the middle’ with my friend Jonathan who lives in Singapore (I’ve written about our escapades before and indeed he has too), I arrived back late last night. It was everything it was intended to be; lots of laughter, lots [...]

Biking with my Girls

Ever so occasionally I feel like perhaps my plans have been a bit ambitious. Bitten off a bit more than I can chew. Mostly I just get on with it, but sometimes I stretch my ability to multitask. I took the girls to their swimming lesson at about 8am, god awful time really, but then [...]

Birthday Girl

My eldest girl

My eldest daughter was six today. I’m sure every parent says this with every passing year but there’s something about six, she’s past the first five years and that feels like a milestone. When I had her I used to think about how she’d be when she was six, a proper little girl, at school, [...]

Lazy Sundays

The conker stash

I think the term ‘Lazy Sunday’ was created by someone who either didn’t have children, or had grown up children. My Sundays are rarely lazy. They normally involve an early start, my children haven’t quite grasped the whole weekend’s are for sleeping in a thing. They really don’t get it. I’m hopeful that sometime in [...]

The Royal Parks Half Marathon – Second time round

Home Start Charity

And for my next trick….I’m going to give the Royal Parks Half Marathon a go. Again. It is in approximately 3 weeks time and I’ve only just agreed to do it. Two of my friends were running it for a very worthwhile charity called Homestart (more later) when one of them injured her foot. I [...]

The Youngest Child

chessington with mummy

Being the youngest child means your mother never writes with such naive wonder about your ‘firsts’ as she did for your big sister. It means your tantrums are never taken quite as seriously as they might if you were first off the blocks. It means you inherit a beaten up scooter and you find pleasure [...]

Their Musical Education

Before I had children music was a very big part of my life; I had two very big influencers as far as my music taste was concerned. My stepfather had an enormous record collection, which moved in when he did and from then on I was educated in the likes of Neil Young, Eric Clapton, [...]

Good Day Sunshine

"Robo dog"

Today we had a lovely day. I made balloon animals in the morning. As you do. I was rather good at dogs. Him indoors was less good. His was a ‘robo dog’ apparently. Then I went for a run. It was a very good run. 10.6k, quite hilly but average 8.36 min/mile so I was [...]