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Play dates

We've all had Veruca Salt moments

Play dates. There’s a word I never heard before 2008. In my day you went to play at a friend’s house, but now it has it’s own ‘brand’. There are two types of play dates that I have experienced, the one where the mums comes too and the one where you drop your child off [...]

The Exercise of Struggle

There is much written about how we should engage with our children. We must help them develop core skills through creative play. We must help them learn. We must pretend to be fairy princesses to help them learn about, er, fairy princesses? And I get this, I do. I certainly see the value in opening [...]

The Armband Thief

Yes I know, not one of my better blog post titles. And frankly if you’re looking for anything meaningful then turn over now.  There is a strange phenomenon in our house. It concerns armbands. The type one uses to swim when little, rather than any other kind (funereal perhaps?). We buy at least 2 sets [...]