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A Very Serious Issue

Thanks to Cinephilia

I’m running the gauntlet with this one. Chances are reasonably high that this might get me into trouble but I have blog tourettes and can’t stop myself. You see I’m faced with a bit of a problem, actually it’s a bit more than that, it’s morphing into an anxiety attack. I’m totally preoccupied with it. [...]

Stop the world I want to get off.

You ever have those days where you just KNOW the universe is just not working for you?  Its having a day off and has sent chaos and confusion to sub for the day?   They rub their hands in glee as at the thought of properly cocking up your day.  For me I know it’ll be bad [...]

Crunching the gears

The toddler could have driven through London more efficiently than me this morning and preserved her blood pressure and general sense of decorum.  I moved out of London 5 months ago and already I drive like an ‘out of towner’.  Bollocks. I’m crunching the gears of the borrowed company car, I’m crunching the gears in [...]