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Day 4

So Day 4 in my new life as stay-at-home-more-than-I-did-before-mum and what have I learnt? 1. Tilly is a proper chatterbox. She copies EVERYTHING I say and that Eliza says.2. My girls are good friends. Tilly hero-worships Eliza.3. They ask a hell of a lot of questions.4. They bloody love repetition.  This morning I was asked [...]

The times they are a-changing

So things have changed considerably for me lately. I was made redundant a few weeks ago. Hang out the bunting I’m a free woman. No more 9-5. Gone is the guilt, the stress, the commute. There’s a zillion and one different emotions floating about my head about this, fear, rejection, opportunity, excitement, relief to name [...]