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Why Get Britain Fertile Misjudges Women

Kate Garraway fronts the deeply patronising fertility campaign

I was idly flicking through the news on my iphone this morning and I was peturbed and shocked by an article about the ‘Get Britain Fertile’ campaign for which Kate Garraway is the celebrity ambassador. Quite aside from the name that is just wrong on so many levels (what about those Britons that can’t get [...]

Kate’s Plastic Smile Is Beaming Bright

Duchess of Cambridge starting to show

Poor Kate, no sooner is she out of hospital for her extreme morning sickness, and home from her recovery trip to Mustique than she’s being ripped apart by Hilary Mantel in the London Review of Books. I suppose being such a public figure she should expect a degree of bullying in a public forum, it [...]

‘Family’ time

I’m not sure how I feel about the Unicef report published by the BBC on Tuesday about the ‘crisis’ in Britain’s families.  The report says that UK children are amongst the least happy in the developed world.  The main reason cited is that we, British parents, don’t spend enough quality time with our kids but [...]