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Futile things I say to my girls


1. Night girls remember it’s Saturday tomorrow so you don’t need to get up early! 2. I know you’re watching TV but wouldn’t you like to come and brush your teeth, get ready for bed and have a story? 3. Please don’t drop your food on the floor 4. Please don’t drop the towel on [...]

Being Kind

ania and the girls with their dollies

We had the girls’ parent/teacher chats recently. They were fine, the girls are both doing well and I’m not going to gloat or share the details here because I find that sort of thing mildly nauseating, I’ll just say I’m proud of them and leave it there. However one thing I will share is that [...]

The Alternative Gro Clock Review


Several years ago I bought a Gro Clock for Eliza, she was waking up too damn early for my liking and I’d tried everything. Finally this clock worked. The Sun came up at the time I had set to be ‘morning’ and she came trotting in to our room. Genius. For about a week. Until [...]


It’s taken me 6 years and a huge amount of self loathing and recrimination but I think I might finally have grasped the art of distraction that parenting experts tell you about. They make it sound so easy. “Child wants to play with the razor blades and prescription drugs? Just distract them with a song. [...]

‘Tis the Season To Buy Stuff You Don’t Need AKA Christmas

christmas consumerism

It feels as if Christmas is about a day away. It’s not of course, but the amount of Christmas consumerism that hits me each and every time I leave my house lately is giving me serious anxiety. I’m panicking about the presents I have yet to buy. I will end up spending a small fortune [...]

6% of Mums Think They Make NO Mistakes Raising Their Children


Well good Lord I’d like to meet those 6%. That’s an astonishing amount of perfect parents, when you consider the amount of parents in the UK. – 9% owned up to nearly leaving the children behind in a restaurant or at home. – 5% paid for a holiday but forgot about the little ones when [...]

Being a Working Mother Is So Effortless Isn’t It?


Recently I’ve read two articles, both by PR people (what I do for a living) and both professing to have the perfect working mother/work life balance. There are two common threads in these articles. They both talk about having supportive husbands and they both talk about having a childcare ‘team’. Both paint rosy pictures of [...]

4 Things I Learnt About Sugary Drinks from Coca Cola

Coke log

The nice people at Coca Cola asked me to attend a symposium they held at Blogfest recently, to find out more about their brands and give some advice on the contentious issue of fizzy, sugary drinks and kids. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the event, but I did speak to Helen Munday, Coca Cola head of [...]

Why Halloween was Invented

To whom it may concern I have two issues I’d like to raise. 1. Daylight Saving Time At some point in history someone decided it’d be a jolly good idea to instigate Daylight Saving Time. I don’t profess to be an expert in this, but I can see some benefits to having a day more [...]

Biking with my Girls

Ever so occasionally I feel like perhaps my plans have been a bit ambitious. Bitten off a bit more than I can chew. Mostly I just get on with it, but sometimes I stretch my ability to multitask. I took the girls to their swimming lesson at about 8am, god awful time really, but then [...]