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A Guide to Staying Sane whilst Potty Training

Anyone who reads this blog with any regularity (hi Dad) will know that potty training Tilly has been a rather long drawn out process.  So it is with some considerable joy that I can tell you we are finally there.  This house has been dry for 14 days. I’m standing up, you may clap at [...]

Competitive Parenting

Yeah whatever neither of my kids sat up, rolled over, crawled or walked when they were ‘meant to’. They took their time in most things. Apart from talking. They both mastered that pretty early on and talk ten to the dozen all day every day. It’s part of their charm. But you know what? I [...]

Help, I’m giving up

I seem to recall potty training Eliza was reasonably simple.  It took about a month all in and then a few accidents occurred.  But she got it pretty quickly.  She was about 2 and 2 months I think, but I can’t be sure.  The same can not be said of her little sister.  Just getting [...]

The Path of Least Resistance

You know some days you just want to take the path of least resistance?  Days that follow sleepless nights, of fevers, and tears and ‘I’m lonely Mummy I want to sleep in your bed’ and mornings filled with arguments about housework and other pointless things. Today is one of those days. Tilly surprised me by [...]

Mini breakthroughs

So this week we were on holiday in Cornwall, which was very lovely, if a little too short.  Holidays are always too short though aren’t they? Several rather brilliant things happened as far as my little girls are concerned. 1. They both learnt to swim, albeit with armbands. They were so confident in the water [...]

Potty Trains

As anyone reading this blog with any regularity will know I am a little bit, well verging on quite a big bit, anxious about potty training Tilly. She has absolutely no interest in it. When asked if she’d like to sit on the potty she’ll say simply, “No dank you Mummy,” and wander off. I [...]

Have you ever heard an elephant give birth?

Right now, I am writing this watching a rerun of Fools and Horses on G.O.L.D (so that’ll double their viewing figures then), whilst Mr Mummys Life does his best impersonation of a very large animal say an elephant or a maybe a dinosaur, in labour. Reaching transition. Without the actions, but very much with the [...]