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Some Good Stuff

Every now and then something drops in my inbox that makes sense to me, a new product release, a review request or just some PR material that catches my eye.  I get quite a bit of this stuff and I probably write about 2% of it.  That’s not because I’m fantastically choosy or really because [...]

The one about PRs and bloggers

It’s an interesting turn of fate that as a life-long PR (well not exactly life that would be silly, although sometimes it feels that way…) I am now being regularly pitched to by PRs for this blog. My own kind, some might say. I do read them all and some I respond to and some [...]

“Learning through play”

Him indoors and I had a chat with Eliza’s key worker at pre-school this morning. A sort of parent’s evening for a 3 year old, in the morning.  Anyway apparently Eliza has settled very well and plays very nicely with the other children, all good.  She enjoys ‘learning through play’ which on further investigation means [...]

I am never drinking again…

I gatecrashed a posh PR lunch yesterday at The Ivy.  It started well.  Champagne, halloumi salad, Sauvingnon Blanc.  We were saying farewell to one of our colleagues, it was all very civilised. Until we decided to continue with the festivities after lunch.  I know from experience this is a Bad Idea.  I know that my [...]