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“Learning through play”

Him indoors and I had a chat with Eliza’s key worker at pre-school this morning. A sort of parent’s evening for a 3 year old, in the morning.  Anyway apparently Eliza has settled very well and plays very nicely with the other children, all good.  She enjoys ‘learning through play’ which on further investigation means [...]

How to manage the new to pre-school experience

So as you know Eliza started pre-school last week.  I thought she’d be fine.  She’s naturally outgoing, confident and not all that phased by other people.  Oh how wrong I was. The first day she settled in the last hour (it’s a 3 hour session).The second day she was hysterical for about 1/2 hour but [...]

Just the Two of Us: Guest post from ScribblingMum

Hello, this week’s guest post is from Caroline at ScribblingMum, she is a ‘proper’ writer (not pretending like me) visit her blog because she writes beautifully and evocatively.  The post today is something very close to my heart since Eliza started pre-school.  Read it and please do comment if you enjoy it.  Am I on? [...]

First day

So today was Eliza’s first day at pre-school.  Anyone who knows me on Twitter knows that I was just the teensiest bit nervous about this. Actually I was quite a lot nervous about it.  But we were both fine.  She was a bit ‘up and down’ according to her key worker, but she settled down [...]

Blog Content Wanted.

Good evening all, I hope you are well and enjoying this  ’Back to School’ time.  I love that term, it’s a combination of necessity and marketing wrapped up in its own little season. So anyway here’s the thing.  I have hit the blog wall.  That great big brick thing that has risen up and obstructed [...]