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Yoga, Green Tea and Me

Gorgeous Wide Eye Ethical Beauty box

Everything I do in my life I tend to go at with total and complete enthusiasm. For about a month or two. Sometimes longer but in the words of Joan Armatrading – the passion fades. So it is rather refreshing that the slightly strange and unintended ‘self-improvement’ programme I seem to have undertaken has, in [...]

The Alternative Gro Clock Review


Several years ago I bought a Gro Clock for Eliza, she was waking up too damn early for my liking and I’d tried everything. Finally this clock worked. The Sun came up at the time I had set to be ‘morning’ and she came trotting in to our room. Genius. For about a week. Until [...]

Competition to win a Children’s Sofa and Footstool Set

The Little Devil's Red Sofa Set

*Thank you for visiting but this competition is now closed* Once upon a time I used to lounge around on the sofa on a Saturday or Sunday morning reading papers, watching The Chart Show (remember that?!), now I can mostly be found baking (at 7am, that’s fun, not), up to my eyes in glue, glitter [...]

Getting your wardrobe ready for Spring

This is a guest post courtesy of Littlewoods. It’s rather optimistic since the weather is hardly likely to have us all getting our wardrobes ready for Spring, but we live in hope! With the shops currently full of cosy knitwear and the temperatures seriously chilly, it’s easy to get carried away with stocking up on [...]

The Wheelbarrow Seminar for Women/Mums Who Need Perspective

The wheelbarrow seminar for women/mums who feel overwhelmed

I was recently contacted by a very nice lady who runs the Wheelbarrow Seminars for women/mums who need perspective or feel a bit lost or unsettled. The seminar offers simple tools and perspectives that will allow women to begin to take steps to turn this around and create a much more compelling way of living. [...]

Give Away: Win a Re Uz Bag

Win a Re Uz Bag

If there’s one thing you can never have enough of it’s bags. Yes okay they need to be practical, and preferably wipe clean and very versatile, but they can still look nice can’t they? So I have one to give away, read on to win a Re Uz bag. Here’s one I’m giving away. This [...]

Leapster GS Review

If you’d asked me before I had children if I’d be happy for them to use hand held gaming devices I’d probably have said no; because in my idealistic projection of life with children they wouldn’t be needed, wanted or tolerated. We’d all be constantly making things with old loo rolls and merrily creating hand [...]

The Snugg iPhone Case Review

The Snugg iPhone 4 case

I tried the Snugg iPhone 4 case and reviewed it. Best part was the kids couldn’t get the phone out. Result.

Something for me: Avon Anew

As a mummy blogger I very rarely get asked to review anything that is actually for me.  Apart from the lovely girls at Mint Velvet, who asked me to be one of their ‘mums on the go’ and try out some of their utterly gorgeous clothes that is.  I heart them. A lot. And now [...]

Birthday Party – top tips for staying sane

Hard to believe my little Tilly is 3 now.  It’s fair to say her language and vocabulary has developed at a faster pace than her hair. She has gorgeous wispy fairy hair. White blonde. Not a thing like me at all. But she can talk the hind legs of Mabel. She chats away about the [...]