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Hallmark Story Buddy “Cooper” Review

My girls love a story.  We’ve read to them from a very early age, in fact I was reading them “Peepo” when they were about 6 months old because the rhythm of the verse was quite soporific. As such they are story addicts. We negotiate most nights about the amount of stories they can have. [...]

Baking for a good cause

Breast Cancer Awareness month is in October and so I decided to try out one of the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Baking Sets.  Avon is encouraging people to host cake sales to raise vital funds for the cause, which affects almost 48,000 women in the UK every year.  Having lost my mother to the disease [...]

The Chad Valley Play Tent: Review

We were lucky enough to review the Chad Valley Play Tent and also the Chad Valley Playhouse. I’ll start with the tent which has become a permanent fixture in my father’s garden for when we go and play over there and then tomorrow I’ll tell you about the Playhouse that has been donated to a [...]

Water water everywhere

What is it about toddlers and water? Seriously. They are attracted to water like I am to a nice cold Pimms on a sunny day. Both of mine are OBSESSED. It’s either filling up endless plastic teapots with water for ‘tea parties’ (that is very sweet) or it’s watering all the plants ad infinitum (sweet [...]

Win a gorgeous duvet set from Puraspace

This is a really lovely competition.  I know that this prize is gorgeous because I’ve been lucky enough to try one and so has Eliza.  For the first time in my grown up life I have a soft, fluffy, duvet that retains its ‘puff’ all night.  It makes you feel rather luxurious and as a [...]

Some good stuff some not so good stuff

The good stuff:  The Baby Royale bamboo blanket.  It’s soft, it’s gorgeous, it’s ethically sourced and it’s great on infant skin. I don’t have a baby anymore but I said I’d review it because I couldn’t quite believe it when they told me it was made from bamboo… I know, it’s weird isn’t it? But [...]

The one about PRs and bloggers

It’s an interesting turn of fate that as a life-long PR (well not exactly life that would be silly, although sometimes it feels that way…) I am now being regularly pitched to by PRs for this blog. My own kind, some might say. I do read them all and some I respond to and some [...]

Gurgle girl review: Early Learning Centre

As a ‘Gurgle Girl’ I have the rather lovely task of reviewing children’s products, books and toys, from time to time. This time round I have been lucky enough to review Early Learning Centre toys.   I’m a big ELC fan, you know what you’re getting with their toys, they are always appropriate for the [...]

Product review: Lumilove Penguin nightlight

So since the dummy fairy visited Eliza has developed a fear of the dark. Well strictly speaking I think she’s just upped the ante in the stalling technique department but I’m humouring her by leaving the light on. But then I remembered the Lumilove Penguin nightlight that I was asked to review a few weeks [...]

Saturday Review: The Second Baby Survival Guide by Naia Edwards. Review & giveaway

When I had Tilly my overiding feeling, aside from pure, unmitigated love for her was the dreadful anxiety that I was ‘deceiving’ Eliza in some way. Sharing my love with another little person didn’t seem possible. You see after my rocky start with Eliza we had bonded in such a powerful and all consuming way, [...]