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Some Very nice kids clothes

 Ladybird puffball dress from £18.00  So here I am in Philadelphia thinking that no one who reads this blog will be interested in the super intense leadership course I’m on, so what can I write about, when I am approached by Very baby & children’s clothes. You know the online department store? Turns out [...]

Saturday Review: John Crane Branching Out Kitchen

Not one to challenge early female stereotypes, I bought Eliza the John Crane Branching Out Petite Cuisine Kitchen for her birthday, I chose it after many nights research on the internet – who knew there were so many kitchens for children on the market? I knew I wanted a wooden one, call me shallow but they [...]

Saturday Review: Ladybird books

Ok I know it’s Sunday, but Saturday sort of went in a blur of parties, false starts (I thought my run was yesterday but it’s in about 1 hour, help!) and other things that I won’t go into. So anyway I did something VERY good in a former life because I have been selected as [...]

Saturday Review: GTECH Cordless Power Sweeper

Ok I know what you’re thinking.  How on earth is this relevant to me and my life?  Me too to be honest.   And when the PR got in touch I did wonder.  But I have to say right now I can honestly see how the Gtech Power Sweeper is ABSOLUTELY relevant to me and [...]

In the, frankly, surreal night garden

Being a mummy has hurled me headlong into a whole new world.  I reckon most mums feel like their old lives have been neatly packed up and stored in the attic until such time as their offspring are able to make it in the world on their own, or at the very least make their poor [...]

Penguin Bowling. Strange but true.

*product review* We were asked by a wonderful online nursery shop called Hello Baby (www.hellobabydirect.co.uk) to review one of their toys.  We said yes, that is me, Eliza and Tilly, after much consultation on the subject (clearly my 14 month baby can talk don’t you know). The nice man suggested we try ‘Penguin Bowling’ which, [...]

Let’s be happy: in search of inner calm

I wrote a post last week about my desire to be one of life’s eternal optimists.  You see on an average day I have all manner of stress inducing, anxiety provoking things happen and I spend alot of time screaming, shouting, crying or thinking “why?”  If only I could sleep better, relax more, learn to [...]