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Why Am I Still Doing This?

I’ve been writing this blog for almost three years (in December actually), so it’s only natural that I’ve come to that time when I’m asking myself why I write it.  I mean let’s look at the facts of it; 1. I suffer from the modern epidemic of time poverty (oh how wonderfully middle class) 2. [...]

My Relay Race Life

This week I have mostly been working really rather hard.  I often work hard but this week was intense. I was launching a famous US brand to the UK (you can see what it was here) and it involved staying over in London for 3 nights, finishing at about midnight most nights and up and [...]

When I Grow Up

I want to be: – organised and never forget to order my kids birthday presents in time- well groomed with neat hair and pretty hands- the owner of a Mulberry handbag not a TK Maxx one- the sort of mother who knows how to sew name tapes on- the sort of mother who orders Cash [...]

Why I don’t believe in Fairy Tales

There are many unsolved mysteries in the world; Lord Lucan, Shergar, how Gary Barlow has gradually got so hot, where all the armbands in our house go, but I have stumbled upon another one. It’s big. It’s really big. On the stroke of midnight how come all Cinderella’s clothes turn back to rags, her carriage [...]

The Small Stuff

There is a lovely girl who lives in Scotland who happens to write a blog I like. It’s called Letters From Your Mum. Recently she tweeted me about a post she had written “The small stuff” I liked the idea and so copied it. Well why not. It’s all about sharing this blogging game. What’s [...]

Say Sorry!

I witnessed a classic milestone moment today because I had a rather impromptu day off (forgot our nanny had to work for her other family, oops cue rather pissed off boss, oh well). We had a lovely day and as ever when I spend the day with them I learn so much about their stage [...]

The story fairy, Priscilla and her mate Belinda

“Don’t want to go bed. Not tired Mummy.” Eliza screams at me as soon as I have finished putting to bed an apoplectic Tilly (something in the water today clearly). She was revving up and I tried various distractions that all failed. But I remained calm. “Goodness me I nearly forgot to tell you about [...]

This too shall pass

Sometimes my mind goes blank and all I can see is the cloud descending and all I can feel is fear. The darkness seeps in and pushes out the light. The guilt gains ground at these times, feeding off my insecurity, it escalates and becomes the only emotion I am able to feel, along with [...]

Sorry but I just had to post this…

I was just catching up on one of my favourite blogs http://www.whosthemummy.co.uk/ when I read her post on GOOP which is Gwyneth Paltrow’s website/blog? I’m not sure which. OH MY GOD. Why have I not found this before? Why did it take me so long to realise that of course Gwyneth is the high priestess [...]

My littlest girl

I think I might have fallen in love. I mean I always loved Tilly from the second she was born but recently I feel completely steam-rollered by it. In the way I was with Eliza at about the same time. When Eliza was about 19 months Tilly came along and I had maternity leave. During [...]