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Why I don’t believe in Fairy Tales

There are many unsolved mysteries in the world; Lord Lucan, Shergar, how Gary Barlow has gradually got so hot, where all the armbands in our house go, but I have stumbled upon another one. It’s big. It’s really big. On the stroke of midnight how come all Cinderella’s clothes turn back to rags, her carriage [...]

The ‘Donup’ book

One of my earliest memories is of lying in my bed with my mother sitting on the side reading to me. The story I remember most was from a big book of bedtime stories, it featured a little girl who wasn’t being very nice to her Mummy or her sisters.  One day she went for [...]

Books for Christchurch

Books are the best form of escapism don’t you think? They take you, for a short time, into another world, for children then open up the imagination and create the opportunity for parent and child to share special time together.  But more than that a child who has always had stories read to them both [...]

Saturday Review: Ladybird books

Ok I know it’s Sunday, but Saturday sort of went in a blur of parties, false starts (I thought my run was yesterday but it’s in about 1 hour, help!) and other things that I won’t go into. So anyway I did something VERY good in a former life because I have been selected as [...]

Wow, I feel like a real mum!

sheknows.com I had today off work.  I have most Friday’s off, in theory.  But any working parent will know the blackberry/office/phone is never far away.  Just a second away from bringing you down and bursting your mummy bubble. It certainly tried to bring me down today, gave it its best shot.  But I stood firm after [...]