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The Jenson Button Trust Triathlon. I made it!

Me, Jen and Sophie looking lively pre race

I did it! I did the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon. And incredibly I made the cut for the final (the top 20 from each heat went through and I came 18th!). I am now bathing in the afterglow of achievement and still slightly incredulous that I managed to haul myself around the course twice. I [...]

Running Mummy #7


Today I ran the Tadworth 10, which is 10 miles by the way and really rather hilly.  I’m not shy of the odd hill, actually a lot of running I do is hilly but the problem with this run is that it’s two laps of the same circuit.  So once you’ve trudged up the seemingly [...]

Let it Snow

I went for a run this evening, after about the first mile I could feel my feet again, after the second I felt less like I was in a deep freeze, blimey it’s cold. I sent a friend a rather feeble text on the train home suggesting a run, I was secretly hoping she’d say [...]

Running Mummy no.4: Fitting Training Around My Life

As you’ll know if you read this blog with any regularity (hi Dad), I like to run.  I never used to. I used to loathe it. At school the cross country running option was essentially an excuse to skip off into the woods, have a fag and chat endlessly with friends about who we currently [...]

My Luxury Item

In any partnership where young children are involved there’s most probably a tacit agreement that time on one’s own is something of a luxury item. It’s not that we don’t love our little ones and find great joy in the laughter, the (endless) questions, the funny things they say, the mimicry of carpet cleaner adverts, [...]

And today girls Mummy ran 13 miles

Today was a big day for me. I ran a half marathon and I ran it comfortably and made a good time (for me anyway).  I have said this before but the feeling of achievement is pretty spectacular. It’s not just the achievement of having run it without collapsing, walking, or staggering across the finish [...]

Running Mummy: the sequel

I did my first 10k, since I had the girls, last year. It was for Cancer Research and I was very proud of myself for managing to run it and finish it.  It felt good to train for something and then do it. As I read back over that post and the various others that [...]

Parenting 101: no surprises

I have learnt a few things about children, not many I admit, but a few, well a couple.  One of them is that children like to know what’s coming, they don’t like surprises (well unless they involve presents or cake).  So I am very careful to warn my two about any changes to their routine. [...]

Tesco and Cancer Research Race for Life

Me after last year’s 10k.  I got an email this morning from my sister who is taking part in the one of the Cancer Research and Tesco Race for Life events on June 12th.  I am probably going to sign up for one as it’s great to have something to focus on when you’re running [...]

Positive thinking

Now that both my children have given up their dummies I clearly think I am supermum if not in fact superhuman. The fact that it was basically my husband that made me do it is beside the point. I am taking credit. So now that I think I have some ability at being a parent [...]