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Little Rivals

So sibling rivalry. Anyone know anything about this? Anyone got any handy tips that actually work? ¬†Obviously it’s going to happen and obviously as a mother to two little girls who are 18 months apart I had expected it. But sometimes I simply don’t know what to do. It’s yet another part of being a [...]


There seems to be a switch that flicks on in children around about 2 and a half (Tilly’s age) when they realise that they do not, in fact, have to do everything their big sister tells them. (They realise they most definitely don’t have to do anything their mum tells them either, but that’s another [...]

The difference between them

This morning as I took a few minutes out to have a cup of tea at the kitchen table, I could see Tilly taking a packet of opened spaghetti from the cupboard (really must sort out some child locks), I was just a few seconds too late in reaching her and in truth I wasn’t [...]

Sibling rivalry

This weekend as you will know, if you read the reward chart debacle yesterday, I have been mostly trying to work out how to relate to my eldest daughter. I am very happy to report that this afternoon when Miss Tilly was having a nap, Eliza and I played for a few hours (she had [...]