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One of the most endearing things about my girls is witnessing Tilly’s realisation that she has a big sister, and watching Eliza’s realisation that she is a big sister, and therefore terribly important.  Part of this process involves Tilly copying pretty much everything her bigger, and wiser sister does. And says. And sings. So this [...]

Please let me sing along…?

Tilly sung herself to sleep tonight.  Something between “Have you seen the Muffin Man” and the theme to “Wonderpets”. She was belting it out like a pro, I kept turning the TV down to see if she was actually crying, but no she was just singing, chatting, singing, chatting. Which is lovely.  But also quite [...]

Joe McElderry I ain’t…

So the Christmas party. I opted for the M&S number (sorry Geriatric Mummy but frankly it was a kindness to others, even with the super hold you in knickers the prebaby dress would have scared the children). I felt it my duty to kick off the karoaoke proceedings and thereby give the rest of the [...]