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2011: a few things I’d like to remember

Last year was one of real change, discovery and personal growth for me.  Quite aside from the fact that that makes me sound like a wannabe X Factor entrant (“I’ve grown so much, learnt so much, please vote for me” yeah whatever) it is cliched because it’s true.  I went through some fairly hideous times [...]

The Path of Least Resistance

You know some days you just want to take the path of least resistance?  Days that follow sleepless nights, of fevers, and tears and ‘I’m lonely Mummy I want to sleep in your bed’ and mornings filled with arguments about housework and other pointless things. Today is one of those days. Tilly surprised me by [...]

What did you do with your extra hour?

Lie in bed a bit longer? Sleep off the remains of the hangover? Manage to actually read the papers not just the supplements? Or are you one of the many parents for whom the ‘extra’ hour is like an extreme form of torture? We may know it’s there but our kids sure as hell don’t. [...]

The sleeping thing

So if you have a child you most probably have some fetching carrier bags adorning your under-eye area, well I do anyway. Sleep really does become such a complete OBSESSION when one has children.  At least among my friends and those I’ve ‘met’ through blogging it does. Why is this? Simple. We NEED SLEEP.  Our [...]

Dummy fairy part 3: in which I wonder why on earth I started this…

So you have 2 children, both reasonable sleepers, maybe they wake once or twice a night but nothing a cuddle and a re-plug of a dummy can’t help (well less so with one child, but let’s not worry about that for the purposes of dramatic effect.). One day, apropos of nothing really except some imagined [...]

The dummy magnet

A gratuitous picture of him and the girls because it makes me happy. So there is a myth that abounds in parenting books (thank you Gina Ford) that ALL children will become dummy addicts if you give them a dummy.  In fact some ‘experts’ like to say that giving a child a dummy will create [...]

The house of pain – broken collarbones & head wounds

Gratuitous shot of Jonny Wilkinson thanks to sofeminine.co.uk So as you may know my husband broke his collarbone last weekend playing rugby.  He’s been playing football all the time I’ve known him, but only recently started rugby again when we moved out of London.  But he has always loved it so was very excited to [...]

I’m a Sam Cam fan!

OK sorry for the tabloid style headline, but had to use it. I like her.  There I said it.  I don’t know about her politics and I’m in two minds about those of her husband (much like him I expect given the somewhat schizophrenic nature of the coalition) but to have a baby when your [...]