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The Dummy Fairy comes calling..

Image from www.thedummyfairyworkshop.com As you may know I do some particularly stupid things in my life, none more so than where my children are concerned.  Probably the one that takes the prize though is giving my 3 year old her dummy back after having ditched it a year previously after her baby sister came along [...]

Red mist

I think this is what Tilly sees when I leave her room. She cries like she knows the world is actually going to be hit by a meteorite the size of the sun and no one will take her seriously. She is angry. And cross. And frustrated. I never have been one for controlled crying. [...]

Saturday Review: The Second Baby Survival Guide by Naia Edwards. Review & giveaway

When I had Tilly my overiding feeling, aside from pure, unmitigated love for her was the dreadful anxiety that I was ‘deceiving’ Eliza in some way. Sharing my love with another little person didn’t seem possible. You see after my rocky start with Eliza we had bonded in such a powerful and all consuming way, [...]

Sleep is a state of mind

I have long believed that sleep is merely a state of mind.  It must be possible to survive on very little, some very clever people have done so; Churchill and Thatcher to name but two (whether you like them or not, they were pretty clever). New mothers do it.  Elen McArthur did it on her [...]

Tummy sleeping

At 3am this morning, him indoors and I were awoken by a piercing ‘beep, beep, beep!” once I realised it wasn’t the smoke alarm in Dilys’ shop (Fireman Sam is never far from my thoughts), we stumbled over each other and said: “OHMYGOD!!! Tilly’s alarm!!” We both ran into her room, first stepping on the [...]

The bedtime routine: part 2 in which I attempt to impart some wisdom

Long ago, in a galaxy far away (yes I’ve used that line before, but the old ones are the best), I was a carefree young woman, who suffered occasionally from insomnia.  I know.  Crazy to think that now isn’t it.  Insomnia is a condition whereby your mind and/or body prevents you sleeping and getting your [...]