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The sleeping thing

So if you have a child you most probably have some fetching carrier bags adorning your under-eye area, well I do anyway. Sleep really does become such a complete OBSESSION when one has children.  At least among my friends and those I’ve ‘met’ through blogging it does. Why is this? Simple. We NEED SLEEP.  Our [...]

Bye bye dummies!

Do you know what? The dummy fairy only bloody works!  I know I didn’t think it would either and had it not been for all the words of support from you lovely people and the militant rule of my husband I would have given up. But I think you probably knew that. Last night Tilly [...]

Dummy fairy part 3: in which I wonder why on earth I started this…

So you have 2 children, both reasonable sleepers, maybe they wake once or twice a night but nothing a cuddle and a re-plug of a dummy can’t help (well less so with one child, but let’s not worry about that for the purposes of dramatic effect.). One day, apropos of nothing really except some imagined [...]

The dummy fairy part 2

Update from last night.. Day one in the dummy-free house and we are all still sane. Sort of. Eliza went to bed reasonably easily after some time wailing in my arms and begging me for her dummy. I stood fast and said no she was a big girl about a thousand times then I started [...]