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Social Media Addiction

Social media addiction

An article in the Evening Standard today talked about social media addiction. I wonder if I am addicted as I let Facebook stop me from running

Big Brother is Instagramming You

I wasn’t born yesterday, I’m aware that by writing this blog and using the likes of Facebook the content I create is largely fair game.  I tend to go by the general belief that most people wouldn’t be all that interested in me really, so it hasn’t ever been a big issue for me. But [...]

Social media anxiety

It’s rather topical at the moment to own up to mental health problems, so I feel that perhaps I should come clean about my ‘condition’ and perhaps seek solace in other troubled souls. You see the problem is I have something as yet undiagnosed but no less real for that. It is social media anxiety. [...]

The new rule of blogging: Common Courtesy.

There’s a lot of talk in the blogosphere about how  influential bloggers are.  This has been stoked by PR companies, brands and of course bloggers themselves.  The post that did the rounds yesterday, which incidentally I wrote about here (you can follow the links to the original) seems to be testament to that fact.  In [...]