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Fickle Tilly

Tilly is delightful. She is chatty, ever so chatty. She rarely stops for breath in fact. She is full of fun and games and loves hide and seek and i-spy (although Tilly’s hide & seek involves telling you where she’s hiding and her i-spy involves saying “Ispymylileye something ‘ginning with yellow!” who knows?). Tilly is [...]

The Armband Thief

Yes I know, not one of my better blog post titles. And frankly if you’re looking for anything meaningful then turn over now.  There is a strange phenomenon in our house. It concerns armbands. The type one uses to swim when little, rather than any other kind (funereal perhaps?). We buy at least 2 sets [...]

Wow, I feel like a real mum!

sheknows.com I had today off work.  I have most Friday’s off, in theory.  But any working parent will know the blackberry/office/phone is never far away.  Just a second away from bringing you down and bursting your mummy bubble. It certainly tried to bring me down today, gave it its best shot.  But I stood firm after [...]

Dancing with Rabbit

Monday morning and Mummy is yesterday’s news.  I get a little bit of ‘No Mummy not go to work!’ with some fake tears when our nanny arrives, but within 2 minutes she’s forgotten me and is telling the nanny all about the weekend. “We went swimming with Mummy and Daddy and I jumped on Daddy!” [...]