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Too clever by half

There was a time when a box of raisins could solve most problems in Eliza’s life; getting back in the pushchair was easily solved with a box of Sunmaid, leaving playgroup was a walk in the park and putting on her coat was a breeze. Then I introduced ‘the snack’ this is also known as [...]

Guest post from Teawithonesugarplease: Conversations with my daughter aged 3 years and 9 months.

This is a guest post from the wonderful teawithonesugarplease.  She has twins and a little girl.  She’s a lovely blogger and, unlike me, very well groomed and knows her Manolo’s from her Mango. She’s also a Gurgle Girl, like me! The Curly Haired Beauty was our much longed for little girl but my goodness sometimes its [...]

The magic fairy wood

We walked along the lane that leads to a gated road.  Halfway up there’s a path that leads down through the woods to the lake.  It’s beautiful and we made our first visit today. The baby asleep in the push chair while the toddler walked along wearing her apron (we’d just left the cakes to [...]