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Where does it all go wrong?

And so I find myself once again alone with the girls at the weekend.  Things start off okay, as well as they can when you’ve been up on and off all night with one child or the other and a 5.45am start to the day. All days start at 5.30 – 6am in our house, [...]

The logic of a tantrum

Today was  a Good Day.  I was off work and had a very nice day with the children, although much of it involved carting Eliza off to nursery and then ballet. Tilly and I hung out a bit and she helped me put the washing out in the way only a one and half year [...]

The art of taking turns

So as anyone with a child over the age of 1 will know, turn taking is a very important art to learn. It will ultimately make one’s life better, easier and more fulfilling.  If you are Eliza then taking turns will lead to stars on the chart and ultimately treats of the chocolate variety.  Taking [...]

Why do I blog?

Why do I blog? Is it because I want to share the ups and downs of mummy life? Or maybe because I need a place to offload after toddler tantrums? Is it because its preferable to banging my head against a brick wall when absolutely NO OTHER HUMAN BEING IN THE WHOLE SODDING WORLD is listening [...]

The scream-y cry-y thing…

I just read this post from Hot Cross Mum, a wonderful writer who’s blog I love.  She talks about her ‘big issue’.  That thing that is your parenting nemesis.  For her it’s mealtimes.  I thought this was such a brilliant summation of how that one thing can really break you, I wanted to share mine. [...]

Nobody said it was easy…

But in the words of Coldplay  ”no one ever said it would be this hard”.  I am currently battling with a severely clingy toddler, most certainly brought on by The Move and my screwed up working hours lately.  Last night reached a zenith.  I got home after a call from Bob the builder (aka him indoors) [...]