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Guide to Migrating from Blogger to WordPress

Pretty much how I felt trying to migrate from Blogger from Wordpress

I recently migrated my blog from Blogger to WordPress. Despite many blog posts I read that professed the ease of this process it wasn’t actually particularly easy. So I decided to write this post, a simple guide to migrating from blogger to wordpress for people like me. People who blog and want it to look [...]

Leapster GS Review

If you’d asked me before I had children if I’d be happy for them to use hand held gaming devices I’d probably have said no; because in my idealistic projection of life with children they wouldn’t be needed, wanted or tolerated. We’d all be constantly making things with old loo rolls and merrily creating hand [...]

Is technology making you a better mum?

I ask because according to a press release from McCann Truth Central 67% of us think it does.  The study published last week says that 40% of online mums write a blog and that these blogs are fundamental to the Mum Economy where knowledge and expertise have become vital currency.  Clearly we are uber powerful. [...]