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One day in August: The Gallery

This week Tara’s Gallery prompt is: A day in August.  What were we all doing on Sunday 29th August, the day when Josie, Sian and Eva went to Bangladesh for their trip to raise awareness of the work Save the Children is doing. Here’s a couple I love.  Eliza’s on the end in her princess dress (of [...]

Peace & serenity, my wedding day (Gallery & writing workshop)

There has been one day, just one day when the world stopped still.  My mind’s eye focused and caught it in my memory forever.  At peace with the world and finally understanding my place in it.  As I walked down the aisle with my father, I was hit by the sense of honour.  Honoured all [...]

Holiday snaps or Motherhood: another late gallery entry

Back from our wonderful, far-too-quick holiday, in which I remembered why I love being a mother (and okay a wife too).  I saw the joy and wonder as my toddler learnt new things, saw new things said new things and I saw innocent excitement as my beautiful baby started to crawl (well sort of) and [...]

The Gallery: Friendship

You’ve seen enough of me lately, here’s a picture that makes my heart melt.  I just hope this friendship lasts… My two lovely girls.  Demonstrating the wonderful innocence of childhood in giving great big smackers on the lips.

The Gallery: Self portrait – a bit late!

So I wasn’t going to do this because frankly I couldn’t imagine that anyone would really want to see a picture of me, and actually I did one for Tara’s previous prompt ‘Me’. But after seeing lots of soul searching and agonising on Twitter about this of the ‘oh no this is a really tough [...]

The Gallery: Joy

The prompt for Tara’s Gallery this week is Joy. I thought for ages about this, then I remembered I had the pictures of Christmas Day 2009.  It was a truly wonderful day for us.  Just the four of us, our little family at home. Before lunch, we went for a walk up to the Common.  The [...]