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A vlog: it’s me!

*I have moved to www.itsamummyslife.com.  Basically I’ve lost the blogspot.  If you subscribe via RSS you might need to just hit the lovely orange button on the right again. * Ok so onto todays post.  It’s a vlog (I think), it’s me.  It’s also the last Little Film Club for a while.  It’ll come back [...]

Dilemmas. Advice required. Please

Well 3 to be precise. Can I just bore you with these for a minute?  Thanks. 1. The Little Film Club.  Is this working?  I said when I started it I’d give it a go for a few weeks and see if it was a go-er.  Personally I love looking at the films and am enjoying [...]

Insult my children and feel my wrath! (& Little Film Club prompts)

Morning all! Wasn’t that just the best weekend? Don’t know about you but in my little part of the world the sun was on full beam and it was like proper Summer. So I was in a great mood until my Nanny arrived.  I am not going to work today as sadly I have a [...]

The Twits guide to the election & Little Film Club link live

I was going to write today about my 3.30am wake up call, trip to Paris, being called Mademoiselle by a fit young moto-taxi driver (cheap thrill), but well I’ve just done that in one sentence. What I really want to talk about is the FANTASTICly good tweep up (for the uninitiated that means a chat on [...]

Sunshine is good for the soul & Little Film Club prompts

Happy Monday all! My what a beautiful weekend we had. For a couple of days there we were in Summer. It was glorious wasn’t it? Him indoors was even moved to mow the lawn (but only because the Masters coverage didn’t start till the evening). The smell of a freshly mown lawn is such an [...]

Is this Global Warming: Live?

So what EXACTLY is going on with the weather here?  I know as a British person I must discuss the weather in a blog post at some point, or I may get deported, so this is it. I feel like I’m in a strange parallel universe where I’m living in a sort of Truman Show [...]

How to…make pancakes, Toddler style

Welcome to the Little Film Club week 2.   And thank you in advance to anyone who takes part. I chose ‘How to…’. As you know I generally take the path of least resistance when it comes to my toddler, most probably why I end up with pleas for help such as the ‘how do [...]

Are you human at 4am?

You are comfortable, warm and quickYou get me to Paris on timeBut the thought of being on you at 5amIs making me feel a bit sick. Holy cow.  5 bloody 20 am tomorrow morning.  That means being picked up at 4.05.  That’s just not fair.  That’s got to be against some sort of ethical code [...]

Little Film Club prompts

So we’ve made it to Week 2.   I just want to thank the people who took part last week.  You are wonderful to share your little films.  As I said it’s just so magical to get a glimpse at life in this way.  Please do put the badge or a link in your post [...]

Dig for victory!

I was asked if I’d like to do a sponsored post lately.  Well, maybe, I said, if the subject was one I would naturally write about.  It was gardening.  I love it. It so happens that this weekend I was hoping to get my Toddler’s hands muddy by showing her the joy that can be [...]