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Some good stuff some not so good stuff

The good stuff:  The Baby Royale bamboo blanket.  It’s soft, it’s gorgeous, it’s ethically sourced and it’s great on infant skin. I don’t have a baby anymore but I said I’d review it because I couldn’t quite believe it when they told me it was made from bamboo… I know, it’s weird isn’t it? But [...]

How to manage the new to pre-school experience

So as you know Eliza started pre-school last week.  I thought she’d be fine.  She’s naturally outgoing, confident and not all that phased by other people.  Oh how wrong I was. The first day she settled in the last hour (it’s a 3 hour session).The second day she was hysterical for about 1/2 hour but [...]

I’m a winner at The MADS (Mum & Dad bloggers awards)!

As you may know that little badge over on the right declared I was a finalist in the MAD awards for Best Looking Blog category (I have been kidding myself it was actually best looking blogger, well we all need a bit of a confidence boost now and then don’t we?). So the awards were [...]

The Mads post (and how to wash a toddler’s hair).

OK, this was inevitable really wasn’t it.  Voting closes on Sunday, so clearly I’m putting in a last ditch attempt to gain your vote in The Mads for Best Looking Blog.   I don’t feel too bad about shameless canvassing since I didn’t actually create the illustration on my header or put together the template background, [...]

Unashamed canvassing

So here’s a post I was hoping to be writing. Thanks to you wonderful people who read my blog, it’s been shortlisted in The Mads (Mum & Dad blogger awards), for Best Looking Blog.  Ok so I didn’t actually create my very pretty header and background;  I have Adina Conisceac and Violet Posy to thank [...]

Let’s talk about sex.

Do you ever get really surreal moments in your life, where you just think ‘did you really say that?’ I am sitting in my office with my colleague and friend and she just said: “So I’ll do some research on the Kama Sutra then shall I?” “Yes that would be great thanks, see how many [...]