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We Love Each Both

Tilly building sandcastles

There are some mornings when it’s just about acceptable to be woken by your off spring. Some mornings when they surprise you with their joy, enthusiasm and sheer lovely gorgeousness. Saturday was one such morning. They burst in to our room, together, after much whispering and running about on the landing. Eliza jumped on bed [...]

Being Grateful

My girls are such charming gardeners.

So my last post was all about writing less when we’re happy and here I am now about to write about what a lovely, gorgeous day I had. Life just does that sometimes doesn’t it? It’s contradicts everything you believe in one sunny, happy day. I was pottering around on some blogs last night and [...]

A Note to Myself About the Good Times

It occurred to me today, when the girls were running a race to the tree swing on a walk we sometimes do nearby, that the ages they are now feels like the most fulfilling so far.  They are still very little, only 3 and almost 5 (in two weeks), but they are just such a [...]

My Dad

It is Father’s Day today, as you probably know if you live anywhere near civilisation.  Now I’m pretty sure that when we were little my Dad dismissed Father’s Day as an Americanism that had found it’s way to our shores in a way similar to Trick or Treating, McDonalds or mispronunciation of the word harassed. [...]

2011: a few things I’d like to remember

Last year was one of real change, discovery and personal growth for me.  Quite aside from the fact that that makes me sound like a wannabe X Factor entrant (“I’ve grown so much, learnt so much, please vote for me” yeah whatever) it is cliched because it’s true.  I went through some fairly hideous times [...]