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Watch your Language

Don’t you just love the fascinating 3′s? EVERYTHING is exciting to a 3 year old and their take on the world is expressed in their burgeoning grasp of language. Tilly is a very good talker, she can talk for hours about anything you care to name, and she adds her own unique spin on it [...]

The Secret Life of My Daughter no.1

Tilly gets some very funny ideas in her head. In fact so much so that Eliza and I can frequently be found looking at each other with our ‘Tilly’s got another of her funny ideas in her head’ looks. Tilly is perfectly happy in her own little world and she is so very entertaining when [...]

Birthday Party – top tips for staying sane

Hard to believe my little Tilly is 3 now.  It’s fair to say her language and vocabulary has developed at a faster pace than her hair. She has gorgeous wispy fairy hair. White blonde. Not a thing like me at all. But she can talk the hind legs of Mabel. She chats away about the [...]

Just another morning

I was sailing on a wooden boat, well not exactly sailing, more lying down with the sun on my face and listening to the gentle lapping of the waves. Against the boat. It was very peaceful. For a while. But then the bubble burst. “Mummy is it morning?” “No darling. It’s still nighttime, go back [...]

Tilly’s menagerie

Tilly is very funny.  I mean I know we all say that about our kids, but Tilly really can make me laugh in a way no one else can. She just has a way with words and a refreshingly low maintenance outlook on life. She has lately become extremely interested in animals.  She has inherited [...]

Please let me sing along…?

Tilly sung herself to sleep tonight.  Something between “Have you seen the Muffin Man” and the theme to “Wonderpets”. She was belting it out like a pro, I kept turning the TV down to see if she was actually crying, but no she was just singing, chatting, singing, chatting. Which is lovely.  But also quite [...]

Enough already Mummy

Tilly is a chatterbox, she chats all day. Mostly to herself but also to me, Eliza, her toys, people on the street, Grandpa, her Dad, the birds, the flowers. She just loves to chat. No idea where this comes from. So she was ‘reading’ her book this morning as I was getting them both ready [...]


I am struggling with disbelief right now.  It appears that my youngest daughter, aged 2, has figured out how to sulk. Now I thought that sulking was something that grown women like myself did or surly teenagers (also like myself on a really bad day). It involves throwing a sort of inward strop because you [...]

Where is everyone?

These were Tilly’s first words this morning when she woke up. It’s a reasonable question given that when she went to bed yesterday the remnants of her party guests were still milling about. And what a little party girl she was. Despite spending rather a lot of time in her new Wendy House (or Windy [...]

Say Sorry!

I witnessed a classic milestone moment today because I had a rather impromptu day off (forgot our nanny had to work for her other family, oops cue rather pissed off boss, oh well). We had a lovely day and as ever when I spend the day with them I learn so much about their stage [...]