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Being Kind

ania and the girls with their dollies

We had the girls’ parent/teacher chats recently. They were fine, the girls are both doing well and I’m not going to gloat or share the details here because I find that sort of thing mildly nauseating, I’ll just say I’m proud of them and leave it there. However one thing I will share is that [...]

We Love Each Both

Tilly building sandcastles

There are some mornings when it’s just about acceptable to be woken by your off spring. Some mornings when they surprise you with their joy, enthusiasm and sheer lovely gorgeousness. Saturday was one such morning. They burst in to our room, together, after much whispering and running about on the landing. Eliza jumped on bed [...]

Children and other animals

I’ve written before about Tilly and her love of animals.  Honestly she is fascinated by them, in fact first thing in the morning I go to get her and say: “Morning Tilly, did you sleep well?”  And I’m answered with a ‘Woof’ or in some cases, lately, a ‘Neigh’ as horsey is her new favourite [...]

Fickle Tilly

Tilly is delightful. She is chatty, ever so chatty. She rarely stops for breath in fact. She is full of fun and games and loves hide and seek and i-spy (although Tilly’s hide & seek involves telling you where she’s hiding and her i-spy involves saying “Ispymylileye something ‘ginning with yellow!” who knows?). Tilly is [...]