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Surreal conversation with my daughter #10

Lately Eliza decided she didn’t like Milo anymore. Quite what the poor fluffy dog had done to offend her I don’t know, but he wasn’t flavour of the month anymore. It coincided with an unusually challenging bedtime routine involving many declarations of “I’m not tired Mummy” whilst trying to keep her eyes open. Following that [...]

Bye bye dummies!

Do you know what? The dummy fairy only bloody works!  I know I didn’t think it would either and had it not been for all the words of support from you lovely people and the militant rule of my husband I would have given up. But I think you probably knew that. Last night Tilly [...]

I have reached a new low

Sometimes I try and remember what sort of Mummy I thought  I’d be before Eliza was even a twinkle in her dad’s eye. I think I had an idea I wouldn’t stand for any crap, I’d be firm but fair. I’d do lots of arts and crafts with them and we’d play silly games in [...]

Making it up as I go along…

It started a week or so ago when I simply couldn’t bear to read another Charlie & Lola or Fireman Sam story and she’d gone off all the ones I like (well she’d gone off Farmer Duck which is my favourite). So as any guilt induced Mummy would do I made up a story for [...]

Tough Love

Show me a mother who doesn’t occasionally lose it with her kids and I’ll show you someone who’s mastered the art of deep, deep, inner calm and serenity.  Or a great actress.  In other words, no one I know. I have, lately, been extremely good on this front.  Having got a bit too shouty with [...]

Bedtime stalling tactics

My toddler is a very confident, happy little girl.  She chats away all day long, will happily play with other children, go and ask grown ups we know to help her do things and doesn’t cling at all. Except at bed time. Tonight she has regressed to her clingy, “mummy-stroke-my-hair” stage.  She’s just a little [...]

Listen with Mother

Oh dear.  There is a moment in every parent’s life (so I’m told) where you realise the impact and influence you have on your children.  A moment where you understand with complete clarity that you are your child’s guiding force, that you are their example and they will follow you blindly.  (Until they realise there’s [...]

The Bedtime Routine

“Come on darling up the stairs, time for a Fireman Sam story” Toddler is stalling on the bottom step.  Gone all floppy and not wanting to go upstairs. “No Mummy not yet” “Yes you have to go up the stairs or the botty snapper will get you”  (this was inherited from my childhood, I realise [...]

Hitting the bottle. Help needed!

Ok, that was a bit of a play on words to get you here. You see I do, actually, need some help. My Toddler is hitting the bottle big time at the moment.  Having been fairly close to giving it up before bed and in the mornings, her routine got buggered about by moving, and [...]

Sorry darling, you should have said!

You know I’ve had a fair few problems with my toddler lately, bedtime battles, tantrums over, well, pretty much everything.  Just a perpetual stream of ‘challenges’ that I’ve just put down to toddlerdom and tried not to think about too much. But inevitably it’s got to me, made me feel sad and defeated. Well yesterday [...]