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Childrearing for dummies

I read a post by A Modern Mother earlier, a guest post on the Cuddledry blog (great idea by the way the Cuddledry).  It made me think, are dummies really so bad that you would lie about their use to your family and friends? I mean in the grand scheme of things surely there’s worse [...]

This could be the last post….

There are many things that my daughter copies.  She has to put ‘cweeem’ on her face in the morning (I cunningly sub my moisturiser for her diprobase after the doc told me off for letting her use my creams), she has to use an old blusher brush to “put her make up on” with me, [...]

Now the cat’s at it too!

It’s not even as if I can say it’s only the men in the house. Mabel the cat is a girl (well an old lady actually), she is sitting behind me on the sofa emitting her own special brand of recycled cat food air. It’s utterly hideous. God this house is DISGUSTING! (see here) I [...]