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Surreal conversation with my daughter #10

Lately Eliza decided she didn’t like Milo anymore. Quite what the poor fluffy dog had done to offend her I don’t know, but he wasn’t flavour of the month anymore. It coincided with an unusually challenging bedtime routine involving many declarations of “I’m not tired Mummy” whilst trying to keep her eyes open. Following that [...]

Milo my 3rd child

Eliza loves Milo her stuffed toy dog. He is always to be found in the mornings locked under her arm in a sort of rugby tackle with his head squashed into the crook on her elbow. Milo has breakfast with her. “Mummy, Milo’s sitting there, next to me and Tilly.” “Ok, what does he want [...]

Toddlers are hard work. Fact.

I think there are two types of people in the world.  The group who profess to be rubbish at most things but are actually brilliant.  They are characterised by the annoying girl at school who said she’d done no revision and then got straight A’s.  The type who says, ‘Oh no I never discipline my [...]

Tough Love

Show me a mother who doesn’t occasionally lose it with her kids and I’ll show you someone who’s mastered the art of deep, deep, inner calm and serenity.  Or a great actress.  In other words, no one I know. I have, lately, been extremely good on this front.  Having got a bit too shouty with [...]

Hello, nice to meet you.

Thank you for coming, thank you for reading as I empty out the contents of my head.  I’m very grateful to you for being kind enough to listen and maybe even comment.  I appreciate it.  I really do.  I never knew how much I’d come to rely on this place to keep me sane, keep [...]

Addendum: not all bad

I feel I ought to add an addendum to today’s rant. There was a happy ending. I went to the John Lewis press show today (as a blogger I might add, possibly they thought I was someone with influence when they invited me, how funny).  I’m sure at some point I’ll tell you about all [...]

Crunching the gears

The toddler could have driven through London more efficiently than me this morning and preserved her blood pressure and general sense of decorum.  I moved out of London 5 months ago and already I drive like an ‘out of towner’.  Bollocks. I’m crunching the gears of the borrowed company car, I’m crunching the gears in [...]

A day in this mummy’s life

Just a day like any other. Toddler wakes up, jumps on me, demands milk, off we trot downstairs.  I’m getting her milk, the baby’s still asleep.  The toddler is playing in the living room or the hall.  An average day in Mrs Mummy’s life. We head back upstairs, cuddle up under the duvet and watch [...]

Time out

If I just sit here on the naughty step until it passes, everything will be okay.  If I just put my fingers in my ears and close my eyes really tight I can pretend it’s not happening.  Maybe when I come back to reality, the land of the living, I will be living back in [...]

For the 3 time of asking: does anyone know any reason why Technorati

can’t bloody authenticate me?  2BX4GC65F2AU It shouldn’t matter.  But it does. Yet more gardening today and washing the car with the toddler.  She was most concerned that Jenny (the car) was ‘nice and clean so I just wash this bit Mummy’ over and over and over again.  Jenny has a very clean rear left panel [...]