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Belinda the sleep fairy strikes yet again

Can I just say a really big thank you to those people who follow this blog. I’m sorry for the lack of warning for this surge of sycophantic behaviour but I just wanted to say that because I have noticed some new people of late, so thanks. That would be all but I just had [...]

Dummy fairy part 3: in which I wonder why on earth I started this…

So you have 2 children, both reasonable sleepers, maybe they wake once or twice a night but nothing a cuddle and a re-plug of a dummy can’t help (well less so with one child, but let’s not worry about that for the purposes of dramatic effect.). One day, apropos of nothing really except some imagined [...]

The Dummy Fairy comes calling..

Image from www.thedummyfairyworkshop.com As you may know I do some particularly stupid things in my life, none more so than where my children are concerned.  Probably the one that takes the prize though is giving my 3 year old her dummy back after having ditched it a year previously after her baby sister came along [...]

Quick call Fireman Sam Mummy!

So it’s 4am, I’m restlessly sleeping in my over-hot room, semi-concsious as the light seeps through my window, wondering if I can hear movement in either girls’ bedrooms.  No all quiet on the homefront. When all of a sudden this happens: “Mummy mummy, fire in my bedroom!  Quick Mummy fire in my bedroom!” I open [...]

Set the controls for the heart of the sun

I have a vision of my life in a few years.  Getting there will be a bumpy ride but I’m pretty sure if I make it it will be worth it. From my current vantage point it may seem as unlikely as travelling to the heart of the sun as the Pink Floyd song title [...]

Hitting the bottle. Help needed!

Ok, that was a bit of a play on words to get you here. You see I do, actually, need some help. My Toddler is hitting the bottle big time at the moment.  Having been fairly close to giving it up before bed and in the mornings, her routine got buggered about by moving, and [...]

Sorry darling, you should have said!

You know I’ve had a fair few problems with my toddler lately, bedtime battles, tantrums over, well, pretty much everything.  Just a perpetual stream of ‘challenges’ that I’ve just put down to toddlerdom and tried not to think about too much. But inevitably it’s got to me, made me feel sad and defeated. Well yesterday [...]

Nobody said it was easy…

But in the words of Coldplay  ”no one ever said it would be this hard”.  I am currently battling with a severely clingy toddler, most certainly brought on by The Move and my screwed up working hours lately.  Last night reached a zenith.  I got home after a call from Bob the builder (aka him indoors) [...]

Time for Blog Idol?

This post comes with a health warning:  please don’t take me too seriously, please don’t get your knickers in a twist, I’m just making some harmless observations.  Lecture over.  Please enjoy (or switch me over). So the house is getting packed up and it caused me to reflect.  For about 10 minutes.  Then I decided [...]