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How to get a toddler dressed

Eliza has worn the same green dress for about a week. During the day and during the night. I simply cannot prize it off her. She reluctantly took it off for a bath but it had to go straight back on. She wore it throughout Christmas at her Grandma’s. She changed once when she wanted [...]

The toddlers of Christmas present

I realised one thing today with absolute clarity. Having two toddlers at Christmas, when you factor in presents, lots of new people, lots of old people and lots of dogs is like, it’s like, well, what is it like actually? Like herding chickens into the path of a fox warren or like climbing Everest with [...]

Who are the experts?

I was musing today about what to do about Eliza wanting to suck her dummy that she had just dropped in the loo.  After doing a poo and before flushing. She went mental when I washed it. So who knows how to deal with that? And who has good advice about baby sleeping issues? And [...]

Too clever by half

There was a time when a box of raisins could solve most problems in Eliza’s life; getting back in the pushchair was easily solved with a box of Sunmaid, leaving playgroup was a walk in the park and putting on her coat was a breeze. Then I introduced ‘the snack’ this is also known as [...]

Losing the favourite teddy…

Eliza, Panda, Milo, Rabbit Oh dear, this Mummy’s house was not a place of peace at bedtime tonight. My heart sank when I realised Milo was not in her bedroom as we went in to have the usual stories. I thought perhaps he was downstairs somewhere so explained that I was just going to get [...]


One of the things that used to annoy me as a child was the way my parents spelt words out to each other.  Once I was old enough to know what the words were I would quickly work it out and tell them I understood. I was slightly foxed when my mum and dad were [...]

10 Universal truths about toddlers

1. They will ALWAYS sleep in when you have to be up early.  It’s just a fact of life and there is no point trying to change it, get cross about it or whinging about it.  Just live with it. 2. They can go on screaming long after you have developed tinnitus.  Better think of [...]


So today I was off work again.  Feeling poorly and sorry for myself.   Mummy was hibernating under the duvet again and parenting was being devolved to the very capable Nanny.  Not a hint of guilt in sight.  Not even a blog post expounding my failings as a mother, just a day off.   But [...]

Great British Holiday: part 1

Crabbing, shell seeking, burying Daddy.  Where else but on a Great British holiday can you do all those things in a day (ok a couple of days)?  We had glorious weather today, but actually it doesn’t matter either way.   I would share the pictures, but I think I’m rather lucky to have worked out [...]

Dilemmas. Advice required. Please

Well 3 to be precise. Can I just bore you with these for a minute?  Thanks. 1. The Little Film Club.  Is this working?  I said when I started it I’d give it a go for a few weeks and see if it was a go-er.  Personally I love looking at the films and am enjoying [...]