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Why Am I Still Doing This?

I’ve been writing this blog for almost three years (in December actually), so it’s only natural that I’ve come to that time when I’m asking myself why I write it.  I mean let’s look at the facts of it; 1. I suffer from the modern epidemic of time poverty (oh how wonderfully middle class) 2. [...]


So today I was off work again.  Feeling poorly and sorry for myself.   Mummy was hibernating under the duvet again and parenting was being devolved to the very capable Nanny.  Not a hint of guilt in sight.  Not even a blog post expounding my failings as a mother, just a day off.   But [...]

Have you ever heard an elephant give birth?

Right now, I am writing this watching a rerun of Fools and Horses on G.O.L.D (so that’ll double their viewing figures then), whilst Mr Mummys Life does his best impersonation of a very large animal say an elephant or a maybe a dinosaur, in labour. Reaching transition. Without the actions, but very much with the [...]