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One year on..

So it was actually a few days ago but I missed it in my oh so busy life. I have had this blog for a year. A whole bloody year. So drum roll please some of my blog related highlights have been: Getting my pretty makeover, my girls immortalised in illustration. Lovely. Feeling inspired to [...]

Number for bloggers anonymous anyone?

Jesus, I have become ADDICTED to this. Before December a tweet was a song from a bird, a blog was something for geeks and widgets were something Jack Dee talked about in an ad in the 80′s. Before December my husband and I talked in the evenings (well only when Eastenders wasn’t on, or when [...]

Selling a house on Twitter, now there’s a thought..

(2 posts in one day is excessive, but I need to offload. Bear with me.) I started the countdown to 5pm and the decision on whether this b&^%d was going to buy our house at 3.30 pm. 3.45: woke toddler from nap (Why did I do this. Not really sure, but thought we might try [...]

On becoming a twit

Well, I’ve been one for a while, but I have officially become a Twit-terer. I am LOVING it. Ok it’s still a novelty which is bound to wear off soon (if not off me, off the wonderful people who follow me). But I’m having fun now. So if you too have embraced this brave new [...]