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Restore to Factory Settings

When our devices go wrong we normally have a moment’s panic, followed by anger, exasperation and finally resignation; of course this would happen wouldn’t it because everything that can go wrong does go wrong? So we rant and rave a bit, spend a few pointless hours on the internet trying to find the solution, maybe [...]

Popularity Contests and Blog Anxiety

Is this any good? Does anyone read this blog anyway? Can I write? Is it all a load of crap? Am I subjecting my children to embarrassment when they’re older? Am I writing honestly or am I too worried about what Aunty Mabel might think? Ever ask yourself these questions? I hadn’t for a while [...]

Just a Bit of Warning

So as you may know my blogging mojo has been suffering a bit of late. There are various reasons for this but ultimately I’m just the type who needs a bit of a change every now and then. When I was little I used to endlessly change my bedroom round, my mother would brace herself [...]

The Night Before Christmas


I have wrapped up approximately 55,000 presents. And to be clear present wrapping is on a par with changing bed linen in my world. I loathe it. I am terrible at it and I just want it over with. Which means I wrap in the way Eliza might wrap.  Rubbish edges and tears in the [...]


I have mixed feelings about bath time (my kids bath time clearly, not my own, I’m not sure I’ve ever given that much thought). It’s as entertaining as is it frustrating and if all my threats were real then the bath would actually be in the dining room by now, given the amount of water [...]

Christmas cards

Texting to get addresses. sending to people i haven’t spoken to for years just because i have their address.  instagram story. 

Fay Feeble Women

I was driving Tilly down to her nursery today for their Christmas party.  It’s a short drive, more of a walk really, but it was raining, which didn’t stop me just doing a run by the way, oh no a little drizzle never stops me, I am now shivering and my fingers are hopping frantically [...]

Contravening parenting code #3

Lately I have been guilty of a very serious parenting offence. The one that you simply know is only going to lead to trouble, create a habit that you’ll then spend weeks trying to break. Tears, stress, tiredness will ensue but at the time of contravening this parenting code that seems to be very insignificant. [...]

Fat, Thin, Black, White

There comes a time in every mother’s life when her children notice that not everyone looks the same and they say the immortal words: “Mummy why has that man/lady/baby got brown skin?” And you answer without a moment’s hesitation with a brief explanation about the world and all the wonderful people in it and you [...]

The Snail Hunt

It’s remarkable how quickly kids change in the early years, what they like to eat, wear (dresses were BIG in our life for a long time, in fact one dress got worn for one solid week, night and day) and what they are in to.  For Eliza Princesses were a firm favourite for a long [...]