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Help Keep Families Together

Hope and Homes for Children is a charity that works within Moldova, an Eastern European country that sits between Ukraine and Romania.  I don’t know very much about the country, but what I found out today was very sad and so I wanted to share a short film with you as I felt the message [...]

I’ve Gone Analogue

I used to have a Filofax.  I had a smart black suede one, I thought I was very grown up.  

The Thing About Hama Beads…

As you know I have a thing about glitter.  I have also recently developed a ‘thing’ about Hama beads  (known in our house as Hamas beads which in itself creates some interesting questions “What’s Hamas Mummy?”  ”Er, ask your father.”).   Little cylinders of brightly coloured plastic that you have to have excellent vision and superb hand/eye [...]

All in a Day’s Work

I was sitting in a meeting yesterday, in what I believe was a privately owned house in a very smart part of London with two men who were quite possibly able to buy the village I live in, bulldoze it and a build a housing estate made of solid gold. (I should point out that [...]

Birthday Girl

Today my eldest little girl is 5. She is very grown up indeed as you can imagine. Tilly is declaring that she is also having a birthday and she is 4. It’s easier to go with it than try and explain the unlikely biological odds of that actually being the case. Having been up with [...]

How To Make a Grown Woman Cry

In case you ever feel the need to make a grown woman cry, in a rather undignified, mascara down the face kind of way here are few steps you could follow.  Can’t fail. 1. Send her on a lovely holiday with her husband and two gorgeous children and let them have lots of fun splashing [...]

Does technology make you a better mum?

I ask because according to a press release from McCann Truth Central 67% of us think it does, this is closer to 90% in China and India.  The study published last week says that 40% of online mums write a blog and that these blogs are fundamental to the Mum Economy where knowledge and expertise [...]

The Dress

We went to a wedding at the weekend, it was a very special wedding.  Not only were the people getting married very lovely people, the groom being a very old friend of him indoor’s, but many of our friends were there. It was a great opportunity to get together with everyone and for the first [...]