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Yummy Mummy

I have never been the sort of person to ‘forget to eat’. I have often envied those people that do (although I don’t believe them – forgetting to eat is the culinary equivalent of not doing any revision for your A Levels and then getting As),  I’m more likely to run out of time to [...]

The relativity of achievement

I was running this evening on the treadmill, faster than normal and on a bit of an incline, I was trying to push myself to work off some of the damage all the wine and homemade panacotta did this weekend. It occurred to me that I can now run faster and for longer and on [...]

My little heartbreaker

She’s peacefully sleeping in my bed, after a long and broken night, of bad dreams and losing Milo and covers falling off. I’m getting ready for work in the half darkness, just the hall light giving me some idea of where my tights are hiding. She’s starting to stir, her teeth grinding, her arms starting [...]

Things I never thought I’d be okay with

So here I am, sitting in front of Masterchef, starving hungry, nothing in the house to eat because I’m a working mother and therefore seemingly incapable of getting my act together and getting any food in the house.  The children are well catered but the grown ups are malnourished. You ever get to the end [...]

Sleep deprivation #552

Not much goes on in the world at 5am.  Most normal people are asleep, Mabel’s nowhere to be seen (of course), even the birds seem to be asleep. It’s dark, like proper night time dark and it’s cold too without the superficial warmth of the central heating. One might say it was not a very [...]

Hallmark Story Buddy Review

Review: The Pacapod Sequoia Nappy Bag

So as it happens I’m doing my level best to be done with nappy bags forever. But Tilly just doesn’t see it that way, so we’re still using one.  So when the lovely Nicki from Pacapod asked me if I’d like to review the brand spanking new range of super-luxe and gorgeous Sequoia nappy bags [...]

The Ringmaster

I remember when the word ‘juggling’ was coined to describe terribly busy women who did lots of things, they “had it all” according to the media and the profusion of books that were published on the subject. It seemed to be aspirational in the 80′s because frankly if you could juggle everything and still stay [...]

Time changes nothing when it comes to the real stuff.

So anyone who reads this blog knows that I have a GBF with whom I spend occasional short holidays or just the odd night in town when he’s back from his jet set life style. I’ve known Jonathan for over 10 years, we worked together, we played together, but mostly we just got on with life together.  So as [...]

I must…be careful what I say

The problem with kids is that they copy you. They copy everything you say. Everything you “bloody well” say. Eliza asked me this morning what her middle name was. I told her. She seemed satisfied and continued pouring the peppercorns into her ‘stew’ (yum, looking forward to that treat). A few minutes later she said [...]