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Vlog: Summer Holidays

I wanted to round up our summer in a short movie.  Beachside, gardens, feeding ducks, farms, you know all the usual family fun!  Excuse the technical ineptitude in the edit and also in the shaky hand camera action, but I”m no expert.  I do think it’s lovely to capture family adventures in film though, they’ll [...]

A vlog: it’s me!

*I have moved to www.itsamummyslife.com.  Basically I’ve lost the blogspot.  If you subscribe via RSS you might need to just hit the lovely orange button on the right again. * Ok so onto todays post.  It’s a vlog (I think), it’s me.  It’s also the last Little Film Club for a while.  It’ll come back [...]

Inaugural Little Film Club: Optimism, Happiness, Excitement

Welcome to the first Little Film Club.  Below you will find the McLinky gadget to link your film post.  You will need to have published your film post on your own blog in order to link it here.   It’s really simple just follow the instructions that come up when you click on it. You saw mine [...]

Announcing: The Little Film Club

Well I got a pretty good response to this idea, thankyou everyone, so what the heck let’s give it a whirl and see if it’s a flyer. Without further ado, I’m very happy to announce the launch of The Little Film Club. Let me explain how it works. We’re not talking short films, or even [...]

I have an idea! (Would love your thoughts..)

Lately, well since I got my iphone (which as you know I am marginally obsessed with), I have been taking quite a bit of film.  Just little clips of my girls, family life, things I see that I find interesting, beautiful, enchanting, funny.  To date I haven’t used much on my blog, but I plan [...]