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Yoga, Green Tea and Me

Gorgeous Wide Eye Ethical Beauty box

Everything I do in my life I tend to go at with total and complete enthusiasm. For about a month or two. Sometimes longer but in the words of Joan Armatrading – the passion fades. So it is rather refreshing that the slightly strange and unintended ‘self-improvement’ programme I seem to have undertaken has, in [...]

The next chapter


So once again it’s all changed for me. I have finally set myself free of a big corporate organisation, taken the big leap and set up a PR agency with a long time colleague. It’s been a long process and it’s been so strange going through it all without being able to write about it [...]

Not Perfect


There are some times when I wish this blog was anonymous. I’m not sure why it’s not to be honest, I guess when I started writing it I thought it wouldn’t need to be. I never thought anyone would actually read it and if they did I didn’t think they’d know me. It was never [...]

The Lost Art of Collages (or Just a Post About My Girls)

The girls together

It’s been an interesting couple of days. A ridiculous sounding virus called ‘Slapcheek’ has covered Eliza in a rash and has given her the literal appearance of slapped cheeks. At least I think that’s what it is, the doctor didn’t really know when I took her in on Monday. Said she had a ‘non-specific viral [...]

In Which My Daughter Solves My Work Life Balance

My eldest daughter and I have some fantastic conversations, she has a unique 5 year old perspective on the world and she is Always Right. Which can be a bit of a challenge at times, when you’re discussing something like how to peel a carrot or how to ride a bike without stabilisers. It’s a [...]

The Wheelbarrow Seminar for Women/Mums Who Need Perspective

The wheelbarrow seminar for women/mums who feel overwhelmed

I was recently contacted by a very nice lady who runs the Wheelbarrow Seminars for women/mums who need perspective or feel a bit lost or unsettled. The seminar offers simple tools and perspectives that will allow women to begin to take steps to turn this around and create a much more compelling way of living. [...]

Beauty and the Mum

I remember a time when Eliza had just been born and I was so desperately sleep deprived (something I am now, clearly, used to) that when I looked in the mirror I physically recoiled.  I look as if I had been dug up, slapped round the face and then thrown back in the hole in [...]

Fear, loathing and loss of balance

Remember her? I have this theory that no matter how old I get, how responsible I ought to be and how much I try and tell myself not to do it, there will always be occasions when I drink too much.  There will also be occasions where I drink on an empty stomach and so [...]

The times they are a-changing

So things have changed considerably for me lately. I was made redundant a few weeks ago. Hang out the bunting I’m a free woman. No more 9-5. Gone is the guilt, the stress, the commute. There’s a zillion and one different emotions floating about my head about this, fear, rejection, opportunity, excitement, relief to name [...]

If I stop I might fall over

As a small child I had an old red tricyle. It was the best thing in my little world and I’d pretend it was my car as I rode around the garden and up the drive. I’d lean down hard on one side for dramatic turns then panic and centre myself quickly. My sisters had [...]