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Warning. Self indulgent post.

I’ve had a bad day. If you don’t like self pity then leave now. Still here? You’ve been warned. Also if you work with me – in the nicest possible way please just go and do something else right now, don’t read this shit. It started last night. An argument with him indoors about the [...]

Getting over myself

Last night we had a big Burn’s Night dinner at work. I know we’re a bit late but I think the snow put everything back.  Given that one of our clients is a whiskey brand we had the honour of the master blender’s presence. So naturally we were all given four whiskey’s to taste. I [...]

Is it Friday already?

The funny thing about being a working mum and having a WHOLE WEEK off (well not counting the Wednesday morning meeting and the Tuesday conference call, and the emails and other calls and oh bloody hell you get the picture) is that the time just really flies. I feel as if I am on a [...]

The work/life balance quest

*advertorial* As you may have guessed I am on a one-woman mission to find the work/life balance and in so doing I like to share my finds with you all. Who doesn’t wish they had a better balance? (if you know the secret, please tell me). So when I was approached by www.workingmums.co.uk,  a website that [...]

How to get work life balance

So I’m very excited today because between now and Thursday you can sign up for the new Mumpreneur mentoring e-course which will help you find work/life balance (the holy grail!). Just click on this link and you’ll find out all about it. Is one of your goals for 2011 to boost the family income?  Visit [...]

Wanna be a Mumprenuer?

Do you want to earn a living without having to do the daily commute or compromise your family?  So become a mumprenuer!  For me it’s a dream at the moment but thanks to Erica and Antonia who set up Ace Inspire, it could actually be reality for many women. I wanted to write a bit [...]


I have been away from Monday to this morning, when I got home at 7.30am after getting the red-eye from Philadelphia.  I had a very intense time at The Wharton School at Penn University on a leadership program. When I looked at the agenda before I left my heart was somewhere between sinking and shuddering at the thought of ’strategic critical thinking’, ‘emotional intelligence’ and my personal loathing ‘networking’ [...]

The Working Mothers Carnival!

As a working mother life can sometimes feel like an endless helping of compromises with a pinch of guilt and side order of exhaustion. One of things I love about blogging is that I know that however I feel, I’m not alone in feeling it, and I know I’ll find some brilliant advice when I’m [...]

Peace: my biggest priority

As I was driving along the M3 on Sunday, trying to sort out the muddle in my head, because it is ALWAYS in a muddle and driving is a good time to organise it, I thought about how different my life is now, compared to this time last year. Last year I didn’t write this [...]

Working Mums carnival – call for entries

My life as a working mum is something I write about alot, I use this blog as a way of processes the immense GUILT quota and also just to moan about it all really. I have read some brilliant posts from other working mums lately about finding the balance or dealing with the guilt, so I thought why not [...]