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But why Mummy?

‘”George was a giant, the scruffiest giant in town, he always wore the same pair of old brown sandals and same old patched up gown.”‘ “Why Mummy?” “Er, because they were his clothes” “‘I wish I wasn’t the scruffiest giant in town’ said George sadly.”‘ “Why Mummy?” “Well, he didn’t want to be scruffy darling, [...]

Sugar and Spice

This week I’ve been off work, well actually I was in on Monday, but aside from that and a couple of things I have to do in the evenings and next week, I have 2ish weeks off with my girls. I love it.  I love being a full time mum and okay I know that [...]

Remember Rentaghost?

I am tired, of the can’t really keep my eyes open variety.  Thanks to a teething baby who has developed an aversion to nighttime.  I am hot, of the really uncomfortable variety, thanks to this weird global warming style weather.   I have been to Slough and back.  Need I say more? I and am now dealing [...]


I read this article on the train this morning, courtesy of Tim from Bringing up Charlie who had tweeted it.  It’s about the rise in female depression brought about by the endless juggling of jobs, childcare etc and loss of identity.  Some of it rang true, I’d bet any woman reading it would find something [...]

I have made a decision

Well for today anyway.  Anyone who knows me well knows I’m pretty rubbish at sticking to my grand gestures.   But today is the end of the ‘holiday’.  And to be COMPLETELY honest and slightly ashamed I’m actually sort of, a little bit, relieved.  I admit it. I have LOVED spending so much time with [...]

Life. That’s all.

I have written a post on Holly’s Hobby today, something incredibly sad happened last week and it has shaken me.  It has made me truly realise all that I have, how lucky we are in our little family.  How sleep issues, and teething issues, and feeding issues and all that comes with having 2 small [...]

It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn and I’m feeling blue….

Back at work already. Jesus that was quick. I have absolutely LOVED spending time with my little terrors, sorry angels and of course him indoors, who is wonderful, perfect and gorgeous in every way (and clearly reads this blog). I find myself sitting in my lonely office, thinking ‘yeah it’s great to drink a cup [...]

Joe McElderry I ain’t…

So the Christmas party. I opted for the M&S number (sorry Geriatric Mummy but frankly it was a kindness to others, even with the super hold you in knickers the prebaby dress would have scared the children). I felt it my duty to kick off the karoaoke proceedings and thereby give the rest of the [...]

Its all gone a bit student

Oh good lord alive I am achey all over after sleeping on the landing outside the bathroom with a manky old blanket keeping me warm on the coldest night of the year so far. Why I hear you ask (I like to think someone might be reading), because my husband (hitherto ‘Him Indoors’) got back [...]