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A Guide to Staying Sane whilst Potty Training

Anyone who reads this blog with any regularity (hi Dad) will know that potty training Tilly has been a rather long drawn out process.  So it is with some considerable joy that I can tell you we are finally there.  This house has been dry for 14 days. I’m standing up, you may clap at [...]

The perfect storm

The last two weeks have been a perfect storm. An au pair who shouldn’t be looking after a hamster let alone children has been the root cause of many other problems, the type of things that are normally surmountable but somehow seem unrelenting and deeply stressful. My children are the most important people in my [...]

Mummy what do you do at work?

I always knew this time would come.  Ever since him indoors became a teacher and Eliza became interested in school (she’ll be going in September) I knew the question about what Mummy does at work would come. But I wasn’t very well prepared for it when it came tonight. Today we went to my husband’s [...]

My little heartbreaker

She’s peacefully sleeping in my bed, after a long and broken night, of bad dreams and losing Milo and covers falling off. I’m getting ready for work in the half darkness, just the hall light giving me some idea of where my tights are hiding. She’s starting to stir, her teeth grinding, her arms starting [...]

Dumbo, my parenting manual

So the thing about kids is this.  They are brutally honest and terrifyingly insightful.  To adults who have spent most of their lives trying to be tactful and generally missing all the important subtleties of meaning our friends, family and partners have tried to convey this is very unnerving.  They tell it like it is. [...]

On Returning To Work

Made by me, yes me! Life is like a tray of cupcakes and actually it doesn’t really matter which one you choose because invariably things will work out one way or another. This is what I’ve learnt in the last 6 months.  We can be as exacting and careful as we like in the choices [...]

‘Family’ time

I’m not sure how I feel about the Unicef report published by the BBC on Tuesday about the ‘crisis’ in Britain’s families.  The report says that UK children are amongst the least happy in the developed world.  The main reason cited is that we, British parents, don’t spend enough quality time with our kids but [...]

Abstinence is futile

“There’s a bottle of wine in the fridge.” I said to him indoors casually. “Yes I know. It’s left over from Saturday night.” We are SUCH grown ups we actually had friends over for a proper dinner, with pudding and everything. I stayed up till at least 11pm. I’m so rock ‘n roll. “Right. Do [...]

Say Sorry!

I witnessed a classic milestone moment today because I had a rather impromptu day off (forgot our nanny had to work for her other family, oops cue rather pissed off boss, oh well). We had a lovely day and as ever when I spend the day with them I learn so much about their stage [...]

Blog gems, favourite post: things not to do with small children around

Here’s one from November last year.  It’s a classic Mummy’s Life post in my opinion.  The usual multi-tasking rubbish parenting stuff. Go and check out other’s blog gems at The King and I Try and dye your own hair. Here’s why. – you will realise that one or other of the children have taken the [...]