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Is it Friday already?

The funny thing about being a working mum and having a WHOLE WEEK off (well not counting the Wednesday morning meeting and the Tuesday conference call, and the emails and other calls and oh bloody hell you get the picture) is that the time just really flies. I feel as if I am on a [...]

Tea Party

I don’t know much about the American midterms aside from the fact that right now a Democratic president is confronted by a Republican dominated congress (and even that little bit I googled), but I have heard much talk of tea parties, well The Tea Party movement to be exact. Again I don’t know a great [...]


I have been away from Monday to this morning, when I got home at 7.30am after getting the red-eye from Philadelphia.  I had a very intense time at The Wharton School at Penn University on a leadership program. When I looked at the agenda before I left my heart was somewhere between sinking and shuddering at the thought of ’strategic critical thinking’, ‘emotional intelligence’ and my personal loathing ‘networking’ [...]

A chat with my toddler

“So Eliza you remember that Mummy’s going away for a couple of days for work tomorrow?” “Why Mummy?” “Well because I need to do some work.” “Why Mummy?” Oh God, here we go.. “Because it’s my job darling, oh look is that a squirrel on the lawn?” “Where Mummy?” Excellent the distraction worked. “Over there [...]

The Working Mothers Carnival!

As a working mother life can sometimes feel like an endless helping of compromises with a pinch of guilt and side order of exhaustion. One of things I love about blogging is that I know that however I feel, I’m not alone in feeling it, and I know I’ll find some brilliant advice when I’m [...]

The similarity between running and childbirth

I successfully completed a 10k run yesterday for Cancer Research. I actually really enjoyed it, my legs are feeling it now, but the hour it took was an hour entirely for myself in which I managed to ‘write’ many words of my novel and explore lots of plot lines. I also managed to sort through [...]

Back in the saddle: Guest post from Marketing to Milk

*This week’s guest post is from Henrietta from the honest & funny blog (can you tell the type of blogs I like??) Marketing to Milk. After being a stay at home mum for the past couple of years Henrietta’s taken the plunge and has gone back to work on a short term contract. Here she writes about the experience [...]

Working Mums carnival – call for entries

My life as a working mum is something I write about alot, I use this blog as a way of processes the immense GUILT quota and also just to moan about it all really. I have read some brilliant posts from other working mums lately about finding the balance or dealing with the guilt, so I thought why not [...]

How to avoid public transport (according to my toddler).

I was just folding up the washing, chatting to myself with Eliza in the room so I felt less mad. “Right tonight, I’m going to get you two in to bed, then put in some words on my book.”“Okay Mummy.  Why?” “So I can make lots of money and look after you two rather than [...]

Sugar and Spice

This week I’ve been off work, well actually I was in on Monday, but aside from that and a couple of things I have to do in the evenings and next week, I have 2ish weeks off with my girls. I love it.  I love being a full time mum and okay I know that [...]