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Summer office wear

Since I’m no longer working full time in London I seem to have neglected my wardrobe. I have, however, been into town to work several times and have managed to raid the piggy bank on those occasions (amazing how something you’d never seen before becomes something you simply MUST have when you see it in [...]


There is a bottle of vodka on my desk. There is a dull reason for this but for now all you need to know is that I am rather close to taking a quick slug.  It’s kind of appealing isn’t it? Nestled in between my wedding photo and my well-thumbed copy of the Writers and [...]

I am never drinking again…

I gatecrashed a posh PR lunch yesterday at The Ivy.  It started well.  Champagne, halloumi salad, Sauvingnon Blanc.  We were saying farewell to one of our colleagues, it was all very civilised. Until we decided to continue with the festivities after lunch.  I know from experience this is a Bad Idea.  I know that my [...]

But why Mummy?

‘”George was a giant, the scruffiest giant in town, he always wore the same pair of old brown sandals and same old patched up gown.”‘ “Why Mummy?” “Er, because they were his clothes” “‘I wish I wasn’t the scruffiest giant in town’ said George sadly.”‘ “Why Mummy?” “Well, he didn’t want to be scruffy darling, [...]

Remember Rentaghost?

I am tired, of the can’t really keep my eyes open variety.  Thanks to a teething baby who has developed an aversion to nighttime.  I am hot, of the really uncomfortable variety, thanks to this weird global warming style weather.   I have been to Slough and back.  Need I say more? I and am now dealing [...]

Number for bloggers anonymous anyone?

Jesus, I have become ADDICTED to this. Before December a tweet was a song from a bird, a blog was something for geeks and widgets were something Jack Dee talked about in an ad in the 80′s. Before December my husband and I talked in the evenings (well only when Eastenders wasn’t on, or when [...]