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Hell Why Not?

You ever get those moments in your life when you just can’t think of a good reason not to do something? I wrote a novel about a year and a half ago. I put my heart and soul into it (and most of my not-at-work-not-with-kids-time too), I absolutely loved writing it. When I finished it [...]

How motherhood has changed me #1

If you’d told me four years ago that I’d be going to a theme park on a busy Sunday (Mother’s Day no less) in April I’d have told you your crystal ball needed rebooting. Theme parks and everything they stand for would have been my idea of hell and him indoors would sooner run naked [...]

It’s started

The next book has started to crawl out of my head and onto a page. This morning with a real pen on real paper as I travelled to work on my daily commute. Would it be tremendously pretentious to say that I couldn’t stop it? It just had to come out kicking and screaming and [...]

If I stop I might fall over

As a small child I had an old red tricyle. It was the best thing in my little world and I’d pretend it was my car as I rode around the garden and up the drive. I’d lean down hard on one side for dramatic turns then panic and centre myself quickly. My sisters had [...]

Ta da!!

Wow that was quick wasn’t it? No sooner had I put away my hanky and stopped bemoaning my very existence I got over myself. One of my very best qualities is my ability to bounce back. Knock me down and I’ll get straight back up. Most of the time. Just give me time and a [...]

I’m not showing off but…

My little Tilly, who is 20 months, counted from 1 to 10 earlier. All on her own and she didn’t even know I was listening.  The girls have these cards that you thread laces into and make pictures and she was counting the stitches. Cue very proud Mummy moment. It just melts my heart the [...]

Getting over myself

Last night we had a big Burn’s Night dinner at work. I know we’re a bit late but I think the snow put everything back.  Given that one of our clients is a whiskey brand we had the honour of the master blender’s presence. So naturally we were all given four whiskey’s to taste. I [...]

Wanna be writer

Yes that’s me. The sheepish woman in the corner pulling her self confidence back up off the floor after the first rejection. The first of many of course, I realise that. I thought I was prepared for it but now I realise what an idiot I am. Why when I have so many things in [...]

The final push

As you may know (if you read this regularly) I’ve written a novel, a manuscript I think I should say, it’s women’s fiction. A rather good story (that’s not me saying that, I’ve had my best friend read it and she’s tougher than you might think, she once told me a painting I’d done was [...]

Positive thinking

Now that both my children have given up their dummies I clearly think I am supermum if not in fact superhuman. The fact that it was basically my husband that made me do it is beside the point. I am taking credit. So now that I think I have some ability at being a parent [...]